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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thunder Tea Rice

Just exactly what is so nice about thunder tea rice?

I first took this when it came to the Singapore market a few years ago. At that time, I didn’t really have a good impression of it. All I can remember was the yucky looking green soup. The next time I took it was like sometime last year when a colleague ‘tahpau’ for me. But it must have been so forgettable that I totally cannot remember how it taste like.

Recently, while on a eat healthy crave one day, decided to eat it when out for lunch with a colleague. And my on my, surprisingly it tasted good. Not the soup (or tea) as they called it. That one still looks yucky and taste horrible but the rice. It was delicious with bits of ikan bilis, nuts, some weird looking vegetables, toufu. It was full of fragrance. Even the brown rice version was good. Since then, I have resolved to eat it at least once a week.

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Here are some information about Thunder Tea Rice.


Now back to the question? Is it really that good? One colleague who initially condemned it and later somehow was persuaded to try it recently on 14 May this year has went on a thunder tea rice eating spree and been eating it for lunch for the past 7 days! Go figure if it is really that good!


  1. I'm a Hakka but yet to try one so malooooo ;(

    But I will have a go at it at least once...thanks!

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  3. is so nice ma!. Dunno y u dunno appreciate in the first place! where is the thunder tea rice that u ate btw?

  4. Hi Karen,
    Not bad especially the brown rice version. So far I only took mine at Amoy St Food Centre.