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Friday, June 12, 2009

^$#*()_*Blah blah blah *&^%$$

Was at a dinner the other day. Was talking to a guy at the same table and he was complaining about the government, the economy, the people and practically everything we talked about he had something negative to say about it.

Back in the office, there is this colleague who is also forever mouthing bad things about everything Sg. From the people to the government and even to the lack of beautiful buildings, trees and even what lousy scenery we have!

Then in the forum, there are many people especially those who came from overseas who day in day out badmouth the local races.

To all these people who have see nothing good about Sg, this is what I have to say to them.

1) If you are a foreigner and think Sg is so bad or our races are so rotten and not up to your international standard, please go back to your utopia land and don't take part in our races.

2) If you are a local and think Sg is so bad, stand out and be counted. Do something, make a difference. Blabbering behind the background is not going to achieve anything.

I like the attitude of a friend whom I had the privilege of having a short conversation while on the train back home one evening. He was talking about his workplace environment and how crappy it was. When I told him he could just leave, his answer was no - he wants to take on the system and improve it (or something to that effect). And yes that is precisely what we should be doing if we have any unhappiness about government policies, race problems, even things how our environment.

Now I subscribe to the belief that if you have nothing good to say, don't say anything because what comes out of your mouth will make you look like a blabbering idiot. But really if there are issues that one is not happy about, give feedback, write to the authorities, the organisation and if necessary the press. There may be no response and yes that can be frustrating but over time, as the voices grew collectively loudly, I am sure changes will come maybe slowly but surely it will.


  1. I wrote to Feedback and they are very prompt in referring my case to the relevant organisation. Check out their website

  2. Well said and we see the true characters of people when we see them blahing all the way. They are spilling bad vibes not just verbally but internally as well.

    This is call verbal diarohhea.