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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cars and Cats

Read in the New Paper today about a lady who bought a few car and thereafter sent a complaint letter to the Cat Welfare Society and the Town Council to 'remove' all the cats in the area. Her reason. The cats will scratch her cat.

What bladdy arrogance. First she should get her facts right. Cats don't scratch car. They are only looking for a bit of warmth if they lie on the car. The cat's claws are retractable and cannot hold on a car's smooth paintwork. Secondly, if her car is so precious, she should not be parking it in any public area at all. Cat should be the least of her worries. There are many idiots out there who love to scratch cars with their keys for no other reasons that they are bored. So maybe she should petition for all humans in her neighbourhood to be banned so that nobody touch her precious car.

Leave the cats alone. If the car is so precious, install a proximity sensor alarm system which will go off if anything warm, be it human, cats or lizards go near it.

1 comment:

  1. Grrrrrr..........she is just another slave to her car and she should probably leave in a no man's land