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Thursday, July 16, 2009

1, 2, 3

Another 1, 2, 3 posting but of a different nature from this.

1. 5.30 am. Woke up, stared at the clock and turned to the Mrs who was still sleeping. "Hey wake up! Why are you still sleeping?""Rush out, woke the Princess up and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. Then the Mrs came and said "Hey you siow? Wake up so early for what?" Hmmm??? Didn't we all overslept? Isn't it time for school already? Isn't it 6.30am already? What a dork. I woke up 45mins too early! Went back to sleep. What a waste of precious sleeping time! [Sigh]

2. 6.15 am. Yah now the real time. Back in the kitchen preparing breakfast. The egg refuses to listen and don't want to form the perfect omelette! And then suddenly there was a fire. Shit, the wrapper for the ham had caught fire! Tried to blow it out but the stupid thing keep spreading. Hell no choice dumped the whole thing, ham and paper and plastic into the basin and let the tap run. [Double sigh]

3. 6.45 am. In the lift. Hmm how come the logo on my t-shirt is on the right? Doesn't most t-shirt have the logo on the left? And why does it look so ugly? Oh shit, I worn the darn thing inside out. [Triple sigh]

It's going to be a long long day!

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