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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Durian Durian

How time flies! Last year around this time, went for a durian party and now I'm back with a different group of friends.

Wanted to go back to Four Seasons at Joo Chiat but was told it had closed down already. Well no problem, a click on ieatishootipost and voilia, a new outlet to try.

This one is just a teeny weeny little stall along East Coast Road. Not like those mammoth stalls in Geylang or Balestier. Fortunately, our objectives was to savour the good quality durians - not the kampung type as the stall only carries so called 'branded' durians.

We first tried the Red Prawn and all agreed it was so so. Not really a big deal.

Next we had the Mao Shan Wang which was a gigantic size durian with equally huge seed. At $13/kg, this was the most expensive and we had high expectation. Okay this was good but to our surprise and delight, what we took next beat the King of the Durian.

It was a no contest. David vs Goliath and David came out top. The 2 small little JIn Feng (Golden Phoenix) we had was absolutely wonderful. They were so small yet there were so many seeds inside. The fragrance (some prefer to call it odour) was not so strong and overbearing. I can't really describe the taste but it was to use a term my friend used frequenlty "shokalicious'.

So we ordered another 2 Jin Feng but after that the cunning stall holder came out with another tempting offer. A durian that he had hoard - a Black Pearl!
He claimed he had only 2 left and asked us to try. So we took one only cos we were quite jalat by then and yah we had no regrets. It was good - it smell and taste unlike any other durian. I will go as far as to say this is the best of the lot but at $10/kg, I think we will stick with the little JIn Feng which cost only $7/kg.

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  1. Technicians went to the durian farm in Malaysia last week and came back with loads of durians for I think all the ones here are charging exorbitant price. me crave for some liao....see you :D