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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Road Rage

Was on the way home this morning driving along Xilin Ave and saw this man hitting another man. Apparently the guy had hit his van from behind at the traffic light judging from the position of the car although I didn't see any visible damages. To his credit, the victim who was much bigger size did not hit back and merely warded off the blow from the aggressor who looks to be in his fifties or sixties. Being a kiasu Singaporean, I did not stop but merely sounded the car horn loudly. The guy behind me also did so or is it because he was angry I slowed down? Last I could see from the rearview mirror, the aggressor had crossed the road to the Expo side, presumably to get out of the rain?

Anyway, I was wondering. What is it about driving that turn normal man into red hot blooded monster? Somebody hogged the road; cut you off; sound the horn for no apparent reason and our blood pressure goes up, all sort of languages come out of the mouth and we start chasing after the car, glare at the other drivers and in extreme case get out and challenge the other driver. And I am ashamed to say I am like that too. I get very irritated especially when somebody horn or flash their light at me nevermind if I am in the wrong. I get all pissed up and start driving aggressively whilst spewing words that sometime I don't even know I know. From conversations with friends, I know it is normal. The study of road rage has been well documented but still what is it exactly about being behind the wheel that caused this?

Just a thought though - does lady drivers react the same way?

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