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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ebisboshi Shotengai

Been meaning to check out the Ebisboshi Shotengai at Iluma @ Bugis since it opened and finally went there last evening. The restaurant is actually 7 restaurants in one featuring food from various cities of Japan in a sort of street setting. The interesting thing is that you can choose to just go direct to one of the restaurant or sit in the open area and order from the menu. Of course, we being typical kiasu Singaporean, must try everything so we choose the open area.

I like the decor especially the front entrance with its paper lanterns, figurines and the typical fake food all so colorfully done up.
The front entrance

Colourful Lanterns

A poster instructions on how to order the food in the restaurants

A colourful paper lantern of the Ebisu God from whom the restaurant is named after

A map of the Food Street and the usual display of fake food

We were fortunate that there was a HSBC 1 for 1 offer and we took advantage of that to order the drinks, some food from the HSBC offer menu (which turned out disappointingly rather small in portion). We also order some of the items from the main menu including the Teriyaki Lobster. The price for each item was pretty decent averaging about $12 each. In the end, we had a total of 7 dishes and 4 deserts and the bill came out to about $95.00 for the 4 of us which I thought was pretty decent. Taste wise, nothing too spectacular about the food, and like I said, portion was a tad too small but for its price and ambience I figured it was worth it and definitely better than going to Manpuku or Shokudu.
Another unique feature about the place was that you get to order food from the menu using the wireless pen scanner. Just point at the menu item, point at the quantity and point at enter and the order is sent wireless to the kitchen. Pretty neat although the artificial voice repeating the order can sound very irritating after some time.

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