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Friday, October 23, 2009

Hungry Ghosts

Every year I attend the AGM and every year I am shocked and awed at the behaviour of the shareholders and this year was no different. In fact, I think the shareholders have now reached a higher level of kaisuism.

Right at the very beginning of the AGM at just the 1st resolution, when a shareholder was asking some questions, another shareholder stood up and very rudely interrupted the proceedings to proclaim that he was hungry and to speed things up! What did the rest of the floor do? They clapped!

And from the word go when the AGM finally ended, the shareholders charged to the buffet table. These are what I saw:

1) 1 person piled her plate so high that when she finally put down the plate on her chair, half the items dropped off.
2) Another lady with another fully stacked up plate went back to her seat and took out plastic bags and poured the food in before going for another round.
3) Another lady went one better. She took 3 plates at one go and put them all into her carrier bag before going back for another round. A colleague commented that she went 4 times. And towards the end, she also took the bottle of chilli sauce and the hot coffee! Yes coffee! Each time she will take 2 cups filled it up and go back to her seat and took out a bottle and poured the coffee inside before going for more!

I know shareholders have nothing much to look forward to at AGM other than the food but such kiasu behaviour. The least they could do is to let other people take the food first before taopaoing! And of course ask for permission from the host but fat chance. I think the ghosts during the 7th month are better behaved!

No wonder hotels all over the world have heard about the Singaporean travellers!

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