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Monday, October 5, 2009

Mooncake Index

Okay the moon cake eating spree is over and this year definitely the economy is doing very very well never mind what the gahmen is trying to tell us. No need to look at the ridiculous prices of properties or the rise of the stock market. The best indicator is the my moon cake index. Last year was not that bad but this year the number of moon cakes I got is mind boggling. Either I have been giving them a lot of business which I swear I did not since budget has been cut or these people are so desperate for business they give hoping for something in return?

This one from Shangri-La and everybody in the office agreed it was the worst of the whole lot
From the worst to the best - the famous Raffles Hotel Champange Truffles Mooncake
This wasn't too bad either - from Li Bai Restaurant at Sheraton
This one from Bread Talk - not too bad despite its more humble roots
Then there is this colorful one from Sze Chuan Court at Fairmont Hotel. Very nice with truffles, champange, rum and hazelnut
Last one in the office is the one with the most grand box from Royal China, Raffles Hotel. By now everybody wants the box and not the mooncake!
Back home this is from Peony Jade supposedly made by the former Chef from Crown Prince, courtesy of Sis,
Then this one from Tung Lok (haven't try yet)
What is mooncake without the traditional Teochew mooncake? From Thye Moh
And last but not least, this cute little one given by a classmate of the Princess


  1. Not a big fan of mooncake but wonder how's the one with truffle? I more fascinated with the boxes rather than the content really.

  2. The Raffles Hotel Truffles mooncake is shiokilicious. (Hmmm where did I see this word before?)but can get a bit jelat after some time. U must try it next year. Check out the review here