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Thursday, October 1, 2009


You are sitting at your desk at 6pm rushing to wrap up work for the day. Suddenly, you feel a movement, the water in your cup is sloshing, a book dropped down and your head start to spin. What is going on? Earthquake! You grab your phone, purse maybe laptop and rush down and out of the building.

Safe at last. You stand with hundred of other like minded people in front of the building and looked up mouth wide open gaping at the building and waiting for it to collapse.

Hello friends.....this is not a cartoon. When a building collapse, it doesn't collapse inward. Debris will be flying down and it is not going to come straight down but will be flung left right centre and you lot standing 2 metres in front of the building is going to be the first to get this 'shower of blessing'.

Don't be a moron. Either you stay put in the office and go down with the building if it really collapse but if you choose to run out, stay a safe distant from any buildings that might come down on you. Otherwise what is the point?

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