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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Oiishi Durian Bread

Was coming back from Jurong when suddenly remembered somebody mentioned the durian bread at a bakery in West Coast Plaza. So promptly swung over there and cleared out the last tray - I think there were 12 or more but who's counting.

Shared it with colleagues in the office. The verdict? 10 thumbs up! The outside looks like any ordinary bun but inside it was filled with pure durian puree. And at $1.80 each for a full size bun, it is definitely more value for money than the puny little one from Puteri Mas or the expensive puff from 717 or Emicakes.

Er before any one ask why no picture - nobody could resist the heavenly smell and whacked it down in supersonic speed. And also before the bossess start going around hunting where the smell came from!

According to the lady, they are usually sold out by mid afternoon so anybody thinking of getting it - go early. But they do have another outlet at Beauty World Centre. Here's a write up and a picture.

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