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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Those Pesky Fund Raiser

Don't you hate it when you get those annoying cold calls from credit cards, banks and insurance. What can be worse than that? Bladdy irritating people stopping you on the street to cold sell!

Those who works around Tanjong Pagar MRT area would have spotted these people hanging around the passage way stopping the people walking by. Just the other day while on the way home, I was stopped by 3 of them - one after another!

They are not selling credit cards or insurance but raising funds for some charity! The first time I encountered them was I think 2 years ago when they were raising funds for Club Rainbow. Nowadays they appear to be raising funds for the Heart or Cancer Foundation. So what so bad about that? They will follow you as you walk - doing their sales pitch. They will start off by saying they are not selling anything but then they will launch into their pitch and ask you to donate to the cause they are raising fund for. They don't take no for an answer and they not after your cash donation. What they want is your credit card! These people want the donor to sign instalment donation plan and boy are they pushy. They will talked and talked and harassed you following you all the way to the escalator.

I know they are just doing their job but it is so irritating! With cold calls, you can just put down the phone on them, be rude to them, scold them but how to be rude to a real person?


  1. I am just as pissed off too...blocking your way and and and shoving flyers right into your face...and and...lookng so pathetic but but...I don't care ;(

  2. I used to find them annoying too. I used this really unpleasant 'dun bother me' tone in the past, but then I have stopped. I put myself in their shoes.....they are only trying hard to earn a living. I'm dun patronise them, but I accepted their existence.

  3. Miao Miao, I don't find them annoying if they don't come and annoy me:) I know they are just doing their jobs but they are really so persistent and if they accept No and walk away I'm fine. But it's when they refuse to accept No and keep pestering that I get pissed.