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Friday, January 29, 2010

Death Wish

Not mine but this **&$(_ cyclist. Was driving along Tanjong Katong Rd this morning. Tanjong Katong Rd is a 2 way 4 lanes (2 each direction) road. There I was driving when I spotted this cyclist cycling across the road in the other lane. He cut across the 2 lanes and I knew if he don't stop or I don't brake, I was going to hit him. I blasted my horn but he continued without even looking in my direction. WTF, did he have a death wish or he was high on drug. So no choice I got to brake and he just continued cycling across the whole road without even turning his head to look at me or to check whether there was any other oncoming traffic next to me.

This bladdy heck care attitude. I couldn't care a hoot if he die but that will means I gonna get into trouble with the TP and damage my car so it's not worth it to hit him even if he thinks his life is cheap.


  1. I believe all these people were "planted" here for a reason or two...its either to help us to be a better person by being more tolerant or their own country is hoping to get us to help get rid of them....

  2. let me guess (again)..

  3. Sometimes I really wonder if I should sympathize cyclist who met with an accident really....I've seen the 'bo-chap' attitude of cyclists all over.

  4. Hello Sis and Jason - how can you guys assumed he is a foreigner? Shame on you, lol but yah you guys are right.

  5. ...:-D heh heh, if not foreigners who are damn proud of their cycling skills, then it would be some old men who still think the traffic is like those of the 70s....