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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


12 days into the new year and so far nothing exciting happening in my life except I got lasiked!

But on the other hand, lotsa stuff going on in our neighbour country. Hopefully, everything will turn out aokay.

Home front, some interesting news over the past 2 weeks.

Bird sale is down as the younger generation is not interested in keeping birds. Good news for the birds; bad news for the bird sellers. Bird flies and should not be confined to a small little cage. Just go to Serangoon North and take a look. They got all sort of birds include hornbill! How can one keep such beautiful birds in cages! With demand waning, hopefully, the poaching will also stop.

But something never changed. In Marine Parade, some idiot is throwing cats down from the HDB flat. Let's just hope they catch the bugger and throw him into the white tiger enclosure!

Well, if you don't keep bird and can't throw cats for fun, what's a bored man going to do? Get a doll! One that doesn't cook, iron and wash but is good only for 1 thing. An American company has invented the ultimate doll that can (or rather, can't do all of the above). But come to think of it, most of our young ladies here are already like that so why need a doll?

The first guerilla ad campaign for the year and what a blaze of publicity for it! Did Singpost got it all wrong? On the contrary, I think this has to be the most successful ad campaign cos everyone is talking about it and isn't that what all advertisement is all about?

Girl molested at New Year Countdown party. By now everybody should know about this and yakking over why everybody was just taking videos and nobody did anything to help the young lady. Well, if you are a true blue man, of course got free show why don't watch? But seriously, if the lady didn't scream or do anything to stop those guys, how does the bystanders know she is being molested, in distress and need help?

And finally although there are so many more news, to wrap up - the ongoing coroner finding on the shooting at Outram MRT station. Duh is it really necessary? Somebody charged at you with a knife, does the public really expect the poor cop to aim for his legs or arms? I say shoot first talk later. It either the killer's life or the cop's life and we all know who is the bad guy!

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