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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wanton Mee

Talk about wanton Mee and Joo Chiat and Fei Fei Wanton Mee automatically comes to mind.

On our last visit there, passed by this little coffeeshop and saw that it was quite packed. So when the opportunity came, went down to see what food it offered. At 9am on a Saturday morning, there was just 2 stalls opened - one selling wanton mee and one roti-prata. The small little shop had about 20 tables, 5 in the coffee shop and the rest along the 5 foot way but with the exception of one table, everybody was eating the noodle.

Maybe it was that good or maybe there wasn't much choice to begin with but we followed suit and ordered 1 wanton mee and 1 chicken claw mee. After a wait of 20 minutes, the noodles finally came. Was it really worth the wait?

The first thing about the wanton mee that strike me was that the soup tasted like the version at Fei Fei. It has this weird taste which I can't put and and the closest that I can think of is that it is the smell of longkang water but then that seem to be the trade mark of wantun mee in the area just like the minced meat noodle is unique only to Bedok and Tampines.

The noodle itself was so so with little pieces of char siew and chye sim. The best of the lot was the chilli sauce which makes it taste great.

The stall claim to fame is 2 small newspaper article (same article) of an interview with Mr Charity. I think he was interviewed and commented on the stall being one of his regular haunt.

Was it really that great? As usual, I will reserve my judgement since one man's meat is another's poison. Free go and try. It the little coffeeshop along Tembeling Street off East Coast Road next to Haig Girl School.

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