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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rental Flats' Shock

First it was foreign workers dormitory in Serangoon, now it is rental flats in Pasir Ris and Tampines.

I am shocked and outrage, not at the decision of HDB to build rental flats in these estates but by the objections being raised by the residents.

What bladdy crap:

"The field has provided much needed space in a cramped HDB environment, and adding another two blocks of flats would not only deprive the residents of greenery, but also their privacy. This is only some of the concerns of the residents."

"41 year old Mr Lim is worried that the tenants living in the flats may bring some social problems to the community. Another expressed concerns that the foreign workers building the flats will affect public safety and order in the vicinity"

What social problems? Is Mr Lim saying people who lives in purchased flats don't give problems? Foreign workers building the flats will affect safety and order? My God - who built his flat in the first place or is he implying workers who build rental flat are different from the workers who build the purchased flats or condo?

Get real. What type of people are we breeding? Perhaps they should join forces with those in Serangoon Garden and Sin Ming and go buy an island from Indonesia and have their little utopia there! Oh wait they can't because they cannot tahan foreign worker and no foreign worker means nobody to build their houses!

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