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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Complain Kings and Whiners

Was reading an interesting post on the Temasek Review and after reading all the comments to that post, felt that I had to add my 2 cents worth to it.

I agreed with the writer that too many Singaporeans are complaining and whining about everything under the sky. There is no sense of what is right or wrong. Nothing, it seems, the Govt do is right. HDB prices too high? Cannot afford to buy. Blame the govt. HDB prices too low. Cannot make profits. Blame the govt. Car prices too high. Blame the govt and COE. ERP? Blame the govt. Traffic jam? Blame the govt. Too many foreign workers. Blame the govt. You get the picture? However, most of the time, what these people do is rant and rave without coming up with any constructive feedbacks or valid points. Do not disagree for the sake of disagreeing. Calling other forum writers and even ministers names ain't going to help or make matter rights. If anything, it will simply serve to divert attention from the real issues.

However, unlike the writer, I will not go so far as to ask these people to leave Singapore. For those people who really have an axe to grind with the govt or is not happy with any policies, there are proper and legal channels to be heard. Hiding behind the cloak of anonmyity on the net is not one of them. And if the proper and legal channels doesn't work and you still feel strongly about it, stand up do something about it. Join the opposition or form your own. Write to the press, join a NGOs and be heard.

Unfortunately, as for me, I guess I am gonna be expecting a flood of hate mails, names calling, vulgarities being hurled at me here:

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