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Monday, April 19, 2010

How Stupid Can One Be?

 How stupid can people be? And I am not talking about the aunties and uncles who get conned by trickster with magic cure all stones, kidnapped grandchildren or the classic sleight of hand trick.

What is amazing are the stories of young ladies who get conned. Yesterday, TNP ran this story about a girl who earns instant fame when her ex posted all their trysts in all its glory on the web. You could think that after the Edison Chen/Cecilia saga, these ladies will be more smart. But then again maybe love is really blind.

But what about last week story of models wannabe who got 'conned' into posing nude or sleeping with the photographer? I mean they least they could have done was to ask for payment before stripping for the camera. And sleeping with the photographer/boss? Do they think they are Wendy Chong?

Maybe these are bimbos so what they so stupidly did is understanding since bimbos got no brain but how about this? Over the causeway, this young man (Yes MAN!) masturbated in front of his web cam for a man he never met and is now complaining of being blackmailed! But seriously, what did he expect? A blowjob?

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