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Sunday, May 16, 2010


There this Taiwanese stall at Lau Pah Sat selling 臭豆腐 and my curious colleagues who had not tried it was interestingly turned off by the smell yet curious to try it. So one fine day last week, they decided to finally brave the smell and try it but not before dragging me along to split the food just in case they can't tahan it and cannot stomach all the food!

So the 3 of us sat down in front of a plate of 10 small little tofu served with a side of pickled vegetables. Well they said curiosity kills the cat. It didn't quite kill them but I could see one of them having a real difficulty swallowing it but still he gamely took his share while the other lady took another 3 and the rest went into my stomach!

Just how good or rather bad is it? Compared to the one I tried in Hong Kong, this wasn't really good but maybe the Taiwanese version is different but me think I will pass the next time round!


  1. I'll have a go if I am not working on that day hehheh...

  2. not great lah. don't waste your time