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Thursday, July 1, 2010

20 years and counting

Came back from dropping the Princess off at school to discover a gift on my side of the bed. Awww, I remember it's our wedding anniversary but....

Oops I didn't get her any present and double oops... she had to remind me its our twentieth! Alamak, die. How to salvage?

Took her out for a nice lunch but come to think of it hor, Taiwan porridge isn't really terribly romantic is it? Nevermind, throw in a cheesy movie. Everybody loves a good old love story especially when the last time we went to the movie was eons ago and its a damm good way to kill 3 hours. After all, its quality time right?

I think she enjoys the lunch and the movie. I think she also don't mind no present. Seriously I really really think the time together is good enough, no need present. I think so, I hope so. . er I dunno...

Happy 20th Anniversary!

1 comment:

  1. Hey hey hey.....Happy 20th Anniversary, it is my 20th this September too.

    Yo, I think we 'take' it too lightly leh....good that your Misses bought you something and yes your gesture of makan and movie is just as nice too.

    More good years Koh :D

    A pressie would really be nice...please call Darren and let him know hahahahah......