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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fishy Business

1 more month to go before the move and it’s time to start packing up. The first one to go are the poor fish since there is no immediate plan for a fish tank at the new place. But despite my best efforts, I can’t find anybody to flog off the tilapia or Tila as it is known.

So what to do? No choice but to take up the suggestions of some evil friends from FB and [insert music – deng deng deng deng]. But how to kill something that I seen grow from a mere 3 cm to almost close to 8 inches? Must do it the most humane way.

First catch it first. The poor thing could sense its fate and put up a big struggle splashing water all over the floor. Seriously got no heart to put a knife through it so put it in a bag and stuff in into the freezer. At least cannot see or hear the struggling sound as it flaps its life away. 2 hours later, remove it and dunk it into a pot of boiling water! Yes we gonna have steam tilapia the Teochew style. After steaming, add some ginger, salted vegetables, cut chilli and voila. Dinner is served!

Er apart from me, nobody else knew the steam tilapia on the table was poor former Tila. I picked up the chop stick and then….it opened its eye and mouth and jumped off the table. There was absolute mayhem in the house. Everybody was shocked and stunned and the kids started jumping around. In the confusion nobody knew where Tila landed and finally when things had calmed down a bit, we started looking for it. But it was nowhere to be found!

And then we heard a purr from Toby, our cat. There was a wicked grin in its face! Can it be? Oh no………

Ha ha just kidding. I am not so cruel. But this is what really happened to the fish
First, packed into a box for transportation

And here it is in its new home

And a new friend or foe?

As for the guppies in the other tank, by now only 4 are left

Packed into a bag for transportation 

There you go

And this is their new home. Doesn't it look like a jungle?

And just in case whoever it is recognise this jungle, teach you never to trust Uncle here with caretaker job. Ha ha ha

1 comment:

  1. Aiyooooooooo Kohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, did you really really put it inside the freezer, are you? are you that 'cruel'?? Can you? Can you really steam it eat it and then see it jump off just like that?

    How can you my dear friend? I really don't believe it!!! I don't I don't I wanna cry liao :(