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Monday, September 13, 2010


It's been 5 days since we moved. Do I miss the old home?

I don't know. On the one hand, I am moving into a bigger premise, on the other hand, I miss the lack of facilities like the gym and the pool and the covered carpark. I especially miss the trash chute. At Pasir Ris, what they have is a common chute at one end of the block which means we got to organise the the trash throwing so that we don't have to walk unnecessarily.

Then again it is nice not to have to hear the constant roar of traffic along Simei Ave. But I guess Toby misses the view of the road since there is no bay window here at Pasir Ris. He's been mopping around (literally) and very cringing wanting to be carried for the past few days. I guess like all of us, he has to get use to the place.

On the bright side of things, we get to save $$$ once we manage to sell the old place. Any takers?


  1. Yo show us some pix Koh.....I remembered when we shifted here 10 years ago, my younger girl cried and said 'I wanna go home' so I suppose yes, take some time to get use to us some pix Koh :)

  2. Hi Shionge,
    Lazy to sort through the pix. You can look at them here on my daughter's blog. & &