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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Bark Cafe

I have stayed in the East for more than 20 years. And I consider myself quite adept at sniffing out good food and yet I didn’t know of this place until a relative brought us there for dinner. I have even passed by(drive/ran) this place many times. What a mountain tortoise!
 I am referring to this little place, The Bark Café, next to the Changi Chapel and Museum. Located so far away from the bustle of the city light to be a prime candidate for ‘ulu’ restaurant of the year, it is a pub cum restaurant serving local fares. While we were there, it was never fully packed, but there was a good healthy flow of customers as the crowd kept streaming in. According to my relatives, the place hots up even more as the night progresses.

Apart from that, actually, the food is not that fantastic. At $14.90 for a plate of crayfish horfun, it is definitely not cheap. The final tab for the 16 of us that evening came to slightly over $400.00 and what we had were mainly local food like noodles, fried nice, local style ‘western food’ such as fish and chips plus drinks. But the fingers food are really finger licking good and I understand their sour plum drink is like out of this world although we didn’t tried it that night.

But I love the ambience. The breeze from the ceiling fans. The sound of the insects. And the dark surrounding! I can imagine myself there with a ‘gf’ having a drink and listening to the soft rock music they play in the background. So ulu what are the chances of being caught?  Or catching one of the EPL games with my buddies. Seriously, a good place to relax and wind down from the day. 

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