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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cocktail Event

Attended one of those super boring cocktail event where everyone walk around with a drink in hand making small talk and looking bored to death. What I don't understand about such events is... the organiser spent lotsa money on it yet the very basic thing they forget or ignore is how do they expect the guests to eat?

Like this one. There was this mini performance so there was a program booklet given out. After the performance , there was a door gift. This was an oblong shape thingy. So there I was program, gift in hand and the first meal counter they had there was serving mee siam in a bowl! So now I had to carry program, gift, a bowl, chopstick (I had already decided no way I could manage a spoon as well) in my 2 hands and trying to slurp at the mee siam at the same time. Looked around for some tables. All the round mini size cocktail tables of which there were only a few were already occupied. So I had to slurp up the mee siam with the program and gift tucked under the arm, and the same hand holding the bowl and trying to ensure the mee siam don't slip away. Naturally, most of the gravy ended up on the shirt. Gave up after 3 mouthfuls and several stains on the shirt.

The other dryer food was not so bad. But how do you balance a plate, fork and spoon and 2 other items in your hands and eat, exchange name cards and make small talks and look cool - all at the same time? Or are we not suppose to in the first place?

1 comment:

  1. So we must 'strategize' - first eat something before cocktail avoid all messy food. Secondly, bring a big sling bag, put program & gifts inside bag. Third - mai ke la....super sian!!