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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mooshi Bakes

Went by this bakery at East Coast, thought the place looks interesting and went back after lunch for a look see look see. Turned out it belongs to the people from Awfully Chocolate and was actually a 3 in one outlet comprising the Awfully Chocolate which had relocated from Katong Mall; JooJoo (what an unimaginative name!) which sells yakitori and finally the bakery which attracted my attention, Mooshi Bakes.

Was awed into silence when I saw their cream puff was priced at $3.90! Now what type of cream puff is worth that price? Of course, curiosity sufficiently piqued, went back after work and bought 1 cream puff plus an assortment of other breads to try.

The cream puff was fairly big and filled with lots and lots of errr very creamy cream. Ha ha I know it sounds kind of crappy but that was really the only way to describe it. In fact, I asked for it to be taken away and eaten there and then but the staff insisted on putting it inside a beautiful white box claiming the cream will squirt all over. In the end not daring to having cream on my shirt, I took it home to share it with the family. Their unanimous verdict? Yummy! So how come half of it is still in the fridge? While it is nice, I think it is a tad too big and creamy and would have been nicer if it was half its size.

The other pastry that impressed my colleagues the previous day was the Mooshi Mooshi - a bun like version of the raisin cream cheese bun made famous by Barcook Bakery. Yes this one was good. Not too creamy and with just a wee bit of raisin.

The other one that I liked was the Gooey, a cheesed topped cinnamon bun. It looks a bit yucky but I am a big sucker for cinnamon so yummy. Trouble is, it cost $1.90 each which sounds like a hell lot to pay for a bun.
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With so many so called 'Japanese' specialty bakery sprouting all over, I seriously wonder how long this outlet with its much higher price buns will survive. But I really hope I will be proven wrong though.


  1. We are not so much into creamy bread or buns but if you buy some for me I'll eat hehehhe..

  2. The bright lights & the sight of bakery items in Mooshi Bakes attracted me some weeks back. Like most Singaporeans, I was in a rush & had to get something for a party.

    To my surprise, I was appalled by the service attitude of a tiny girl (in their service uniform T-shirt). While the young chap was trying to help me check if there were any whole pies or quiches that I could purchase, this tiny girl suddenly came storming out saying in the rudest of manner, " you must order in advance, our items are only baked fresh " & in some way tried to 'shoo' me away.

    Even her colleague looked shocked as my face appeared stunned by such a negative attitude. Would a new customer who is trying to taste your products for the first time know such details?

    After staring at the girl for a short while - where she did not even bother to be nice..... I decided this was not a store that was worth my patronage. Afterall, I did intend to purchase 4-5 whole pies/ quiches.

    Decided to try the Polar Shop & Hong Kong Char Siu Pau (which incidentally was very good) instead.

    Very Upset!