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Friday, January 14, 2011

Jai Thai Restaurant

I love the thrill of going to a new food outlet. You never know what you gonna get. Hit or miss? I also love Thai food. So last week while out hunting for cheapo Thai food, saw this little place tucked among all the eateries along East Coast Rd. How come I never see it there before? Wonderful, can kill 2 birds with one stone.

Tom Yum soup
So we walked in. At 7pm on a Saturday night, it wasn’t exactly crowded so I was like “oh dear”. The wait staff was most helpful though. Maybe a bit too helpful. He didn’t stopped us when we started ordering.  He walked us through the menu and recommended the Beef Kway Teow soup. And then of course we have to order our favourite Thai food. So we had our usual Tom Yam soup and mango salad; picked another 2 of the Chef’s Special from the menu (prawn cake and pandan chicken) and then because we also love seafood, we ordered the Crab Tanghoon and to round it off a plate of olive rice plus a plate of stir fry kai-lan. On hindsight, that was probably a bit too much for the 3 of us so we were quite relieved when we were told they had ran out of crab so we cancelled the tang hoon dish.
Mango Salad, prawn cake and pandan chicken
Olive Rice
Since there were only 3 of us, we ordered small portion for everything except the Olive rice. We finished almost everything except the rice and 1 piece each of the prawn cake and pandan chicken. The prawn cake and pandan chicken are sold in pieces (minimum 2 pieces). We made a mistake and ordered 4 thinking they were like the usual fare at other places but these were huge pieces and the 3 of us could have easily shared 2 pieces.

Beef Kway Teow
The beef kway teow soup which was supposing their ‘trademark’ dish tasted like our bak kuh the soup. The kway teow was the usual thin type found in Thailand and Vietnam. It wasn’t really that great. I tasted better Vietnamese beef kway teow at a little stall in Golden Shoe Cooked food centre but again, everything in this place seems to be ‘upsized’. The bowl was supposed to be for 1 but the 3 of us shared it and still couldn’t finish it which means we had to struggle to finish the rest of the food and thus leaving us with no room for deserts.

Anyway, final verdict - very reasonable price for the portion served. We paid around $60.00 for the 3 of us. Service was good. Food came pretty fast and above all, tasted fairly decent. A place that I couldn’t mind popping in now and then for lunch or dinner.

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