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Friday, January 21, 2011

Shit and more Shit

This shitty thing is driving all of us nuts. Despite all our efforts, commercial and home made repellents, nothing seem to stop the cat from shitting right in front of the door step. And I don't see why I should clutter my door with cactus or bags of stuff to ward off the cat when it is not my fault. 

Now I understand a little of what drove those cat killers (here, here and here) to kill the cats cause I feel like flinging the stupid cat down too if I can catch it.

But on the brighter side at least it is nice to know that there are many nice people out there who cares about cat. Like the town council guy. It would have been very simple for him to just catch the cats and end of his headache and mine. But I think he knows if he does that, the 2 cats will be culled. Instead he has tried to talk to the owner, got a contractor to spray some stuff for what it's worth. Then there is this lady from the Cat Welfare Society who frantically called me after getting my email and told me to not to do anything and to give her the chance to resolve the problems. And she 's gonna come with more repellent at her own cost.

At the end of the day, I hope their effort is worth it and works. I am not blaming the cat. It is after all, doing something that comes naturally to it. I am blaming the freaking irresponsible owner but sianz, if I made more noise, will we end up in the papers as one of those infamous quarrelsome neighbours?

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