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Friday, February 4, 2011

Ang Pow

The kids love it, the adult - well they collect it and I guess have a love hate relationship with it. Every year, I get loads and loads of it but unfortunately none of them comes with money inside:(

But still I love to get the different ang pow from all the different companies that give them out. The trend has moved from the all red to pink, then gold, yellow and seems like this year in colour is purple. This year also see some new stylo milo type and these pair top the whole lot that I got

So what so special about it? Firstly, it is a pair which put together forms a complete picture and secondly, it comes with shiny beads! Not just plain old gold stamping or even last year gold foil but shiny sparkling crystal like beads! 

Anybody want a set? I only got 3, keeping 1, already gave alway 1 so 1 more left. Any takers? First come first serve.

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