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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Upper Peirce Reservoir

Most of us are familiar with this place. Those who frequent Peirce Reservoir for their run anyway. On top of the dam, looking down on Lower Peirce Reservoir, one can see the horizon stretching all the way to a housing estate (Bishan?). 
Pic 1 - View from Upp Peirce's Dam towards Lower Peirce
On the right of the dam, is a stretch of water and lush greenery that seems to stretch forever.

Pic 2 - View from Dam towards the right side
But what is at the other end of this great expanse of water and forest? I blogged about this earlier. One fine day while exploring a hitherto unknown part of Singapore (at least unknown to me), we came to this little piece of nature which as I now realized is the other end of Upper Peirce Reservoir! 
Pic 3 - Isn't this just like a scene from one of those Nat Geo's documentaries?
Sitting by the water side and glazing out into the water, it felt so serene and I felt that I was transported to the Amazon. No human, no noisy speedboats, no blaring music, only the pesky mosquitoes. Ouch!

Pic 4 - Note the small white building on the left of the picture and compare it with Pic 2  where the building is on the right
Peirce Reservoir and especially Upper Peirce is one of the most peaceful and ‘original’ park left in Singapore. Only those with their own transport or die hard cyclists and runners will bother to conquer the 3 steep slopes that prelude Upper Peirce Reservoir. Only a small part of it is cultivated and there are no large groups of noisy families or rowdy teenagers. I supposed it’s relatively in-accessibility helps. But the reward is great. The air here is great. It is so cooling especially in the morning and it is peaceful and quiet.  So quiet in fact that a group of ‘crazy’ people have been known to frequent this place for their ‘sick’ thrill.

But for saner people, this is an ideal place to sit down have a picnic, do some mediation and just relax. Just watch out for the monkeys.

For a panoramic 360 view of the Upper Peirce Reservoir, click here.

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