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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What is this?

Funerals are supposed to be somber affairs. But most time one really can’t tell judging from the laughter and noise emitting from the tables at the wake. I always liken a funeral wake to a social gathering of old friends. In our early twenties, we meet for each other wedding and in our older years, we meet at friend’s or their families’ funeral. And so these gathering be it wedding or funeral tends to become a time of catching up, gossips and reminiscence.

Such was the case at the funeral wake I attended over the past few days. I was at a table with an old relative and some teenagers; children of another old friend. There we were talking when this old relative, as all old people loves to do, started talking about life in the past when he was staying in the kampong where most of the relatives hailed from. All of a sudden, he stopped in mid sentence, went to his car and came back with some old pictures. And among these pictures was the following

The teenagers at the table had absolutely no idea what type of truck it was. Even Uncle me had only seen it once or twice in real life before it was phased out.

Anybody want to make a guess?

And what was this guy doing? Is he a hawker peddling some 'yummy' stuff?


  1. So did you manage to scan it during a wake huh????

    It is none other than collection of soil lor..but I think new generation will have no clue at all.

  2. Nowadays got ipad, iphone, you name it they have it burning to the death. So not surprising got photocopy/scanner type of machine also.