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Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Day After The Presidential Election

There was no catastrophic change. In fact, other than many sleepy heads, life goes on. So I guess the PE is not as earth shattering as the government and the media would like us to believe.

I am a bit gutted that the molat guy has won. Actually I don't think he win. Had there been 1 less candidate, he would have lost big. When the 4 fellas announced their candidacy, I was surprised. Is the money that good that so many people were interested in it? Surely the candidates themselves didn't believe that the job was that important. Nevertheless, I had expected the Elections Commission to reject the application of Mr High 5 and the Opposition guy. After all, they didn't exactly qualify directly under the criteria laid out. But still they were accepted. And then it dawned on me. 4 candidates means there will be split votes and only one person will get the benefit from this. And so true enough, the other 2 candidates managed to gather some votes and critically as a result, the real medical doctor borne the brunt of the outcome and lost out by a mere 7,269 votes. If only.........

The PE is over but there have been some sweet and hilarious moments which shall live on in our memories:

The High 5 guy

The Village Doctor

The Molat Guy

All the Tans

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