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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Old Days "Refrigerator"

We are all familiar with the refrigerator. From basic storage of food in all sort of temperature to churning out ices and even internet surfing! But what about the days before the modern day refrigerator was invented? How does people back then store their food?

Back in those days, when there was no artificial ice, people generally preserve their food by salting them. Thus, there was all sort of salted stuff, from fish, to duck, to pork and vegetables. For other food that needs to be kept at room temperature there is the wooden larder. I think there are no more to be found in Singapore but while I was in Malaysia recently, I came across this wooden larder.

A closer look at the contents of the larder. All the perishables, left over foods are stored inside the larder to prevent flies, cockroaches and rats from getting to them. The front is wire-mashed whilst the side are made of wood and the whole thing is on four long legs, I think to help the food dry in case of flood.

The larder is even designed to keep away ants. Don't place it right against a wall and let the legs stand in a small tray filled with water and volia - an ant proof cabinet!

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