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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mariners' Corner Restaurant & Steak House

I have heard of this place for a long long time since I started working in that area 25 years ago but have never went in there until now.

It was a quaint old place just like The Ship Restaurant or Shashlik. The decor is so dated. They used those cheapo plastic table mat and red and white checkered table cloth. Even the music they played were oldies. And best of all, the price of the food stayed almost in the 80's, that is to say, it was pretty decent.

Having survived for so long and in such an obscure corner of town, I reckoned the food must be pretty decent. Indeed even on a Sunday evening, there was a sizeable crowd in the small little diner. Unfortunately, that didn't turn out to be true. The portion was fairly big but taste wise, it was so so and nothing to shout about.

We ordered a plate of baked cheese which cost $16.00. 

M and myself had a mixed combo set of prawn and steak costing $21.00. Paid another $4.30 for the set of soup, salad, dessert and drink. The sirloin steak was a whopping 160gm and the 2 prawns were huge!

The Kid had the T-bone steak. It was really big. And comes with its own side dish. And all for just $22.00

The Princess had a salmon and sausage combo

All in, the food wasn't that great but for its price and the cosy ambient, the place is well worth a visit. And service was excellent!

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