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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Chinese Opera

Have not seen a Chinese opera or wayang in Singapore for a long time. So was excited when I came across one at Chinatown. However, hope of getting a closer look was dashed when the way to the front of the stage was blocked by this burly broke who asked for a ticket! And since I didn't have one, could only stand from the side of the road and took this snap with my mobile phone.

I believe the opera was staged more for the "enjoyment" of the deity, whichever that was for this particular occasion, and I don't see why the organiser should want to charge admission. After all, there was hardly anybody watching the opera from the paid seats. It was day time after all. There were however, a few old folks who were standing, squatting where I was, in the sun, trying to catch the show and the organiser should have just let them in so that these poor folks don't have to stand in the hot afternoon sun.

But I guess not. Sad to say, the opera like everything else here in Singapore, had gone commercialised.

1 comment:

  1. Yo...I remembered the big big crowds back in the those days and as a kid looking forward to the street hawkers the ting-ting man, birdnest drink, the sweet sour plum etc etc. :)