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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pork Jelly and Shark Meat

There are not many place left in Singapore selling traditional food. This stall here on the 2nd floor of Hong Lim Complex in Chinatown is one of 3 left in Singapore still selling pork trotter jelly and cold shark meat. The other 2 stalls are in Smith Street Chinatown and Jalan Berseh Cooked Food Centres.

The pork knuckle jelly and the shark meat
The pork knuckle jelly
The Shark Meat
I like the chilli dip and the peanut mix that comes with the 2 items. Put them together with the yam rice and wow! An absolutely satisfying lunch!

In addition to selling the pork jelly and shark meat, the stall also sell braised pork and,kway chap and  Kiamchye duck. The kiamchye duck is one of the best I ever tried and it sells out pretty fast.


  1. I know this is delicacy for some but I will have to pass that hehehehe...

  2. I just tried some from Swatow Seafood Restaurant. The report coming up soon.