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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tampines Eco Green 2

During my recent temporary lay off from running, with time to kill while waiting to recover, been going around taking pictures. This trip, the Princess and me, went over to Tampines Eco Green. So far I have only ran there never really walk around in it and look at the  flora and fauna. And it was my loss. There are so many beautiful creature of nature! 

Definitely worth a visit. For people who drive there, park across the road at the HDB carparks next to Sun Plaza Park or at the multi storey carpark at Tampines Ave 9. By public transport, take the MRT train to Tampines and transfer to the feeder bus no 293 or take bus no 28, alight at the first bus stop along Tampines Ave 9 and walk to the entrance at Tampines Ave 12. 


  1. Like a discovery tour Koh...very nice.

    By the way, my girl about the DSLR camera last night at IT Fair - Canon coz nikon all sold out :) She is happy with it so I am happy too :D

  2. Shionge, bring your daughter here to try our her camera. A lot of easy to take shots of lizards.