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Monday, December 26, 2011

Food in Cambodia

I had expected the food to be like Thai food but was really surprised that it was more Chinese and Vietnamese than Thai and certainly very palatable to our taste bud. But unfortunately, the food are not so cheap with an average meal being about US$3.

Vietnamese "popiah". This seems to be on the menu of practically every restaurant.

Cambodia Barbecue. Actually it is a combination of steamboat and barbecue. They use a piece of pork lard to grease the metal portion and small slices of various type of meat are then placed on it to cook. Our this set comes with crocodile meat although we couldn't differentiate which was which. Some other stalls also serve theirs with snake meat!The soup at the side is for the vegetables.

At another place, the barbecue steamboat came with these lot of vegetables that looks really like the wild plants in the forest. And they were rather tough and frankly not very suitable for the steamboat.

The national food of Cambodia seems to be this beautifully wrapped food basket which contains a not very spicy curry known locally as "Amok". The amok mostly comes with fish slices and vegetables but there are several options for chicken and pork.

One of the more common street food found in Cambodia is barbecue. The real thing - not the steamboat type. We had a nice feast of prawn, steak, squid but it was rather pricey US$15, if I remember correctly, for these lot.

Another very common food everywhere and which we had many different version over the course of the few days we were there was Vietnamese beef noodle. This particular one was from a street stall in Phnom Penh and was delicious.

We also had "you tiao" and roti prata with banana, 2 food that is found commonly all over Singapore as well.

Certainly, I don't think any Singaporean will starve or miss Singapore food in Cambodia.

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