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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Siem Reap

We didn't have much time in Siem Reap but we managed to spend half a day visiting the Floating Village, Kampong Pluk, where the villagers stay in floating houses on the Tonle Sap. 

There is even a school and a temple!

Children playing in the water. I can't imagine seeing a scene like that in Sg!

After the boat ride, we went on a temple hopping spree.

First on the list was the Wat Preah Inkosei, which was supposed to predate Angkor but what we saw was a lot of Stupas.

Next we walked to Wat Bo, one of the oldest temple in Cambodia.

Next up was Wat Dam Nak, a former royal palace

These 3 temples had been extensively made over yet retained some of the old structures. Not so, for the next temple, Wat Prom Rath which although the oldest in Siem Reap has bee so extensivelyt madeover, it looks so new!

Next: Angkor Wat

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