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Thursday, December 29, 2011

SMRT CEO next move

Since the 2 break-in at the SMRT compound and the recent spate of break down, SMRT CEO, Saw Phaik Hwa has been on the receiving end of the stick from the public for her inept handling of  the problems and her lack of empathy for the commuters.

Everybody remember this and nobody remember that firstly she is no engineer or transportation expert and is merely a retailer. Secondly, she single-handedly transform the very bland and stale stations into vibrant bustling "Xchanges" and thirdly in the process increased SMRT profits from $56.8m in 2002 to $161m in 2011. 

With her vast retail background, I am sure she is more than well suited to solve the problems of commuters. I am very sure her brain must have lighted up and her eyes go $$$$ when she read the experience of the poor commuters who were trapped in the train without light, drink and food! 

So I am pretty sure her next move, sorry guys, hate to disappoint you here but she won't be resigning, will be to introduce a new retail experience for train commuters:

Drumroll please..... tada tada........
Photos lifted from various sources off the net
What were you expecting? Think of it. Food and drinks are banned in the trains. Train break down and  commuters get stuck in train for hours. Hot, thirsty and tired. What better way to alleviate their suffering than to sell drinks and maybe snacks to these poor souls and make more money for the SMRT.

Brilliant isn't it? Now you know why she is not resigning. She is too busy coming with new retail ideas for the SMRT!

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  1. Yo Koh...first of all Merry Christmas and A Happy New & laptop crashed and me no smart phone yet 'charm' ... :(

    Anyway, now with train carriages packed like sardines maybe she should consider baskets of drinks & food hanging from the top of the train instead :D