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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hongkong Soya Sauce Chicken

Out for lunch and went I couldn't get any teochew porridge after going through 3 hawker centre; sold out; closed and sold out respectively, I was left scratching my head wondering what to eat.

There was this stall which always have a long queue. It was selling soya sauce chicken, not something that I eat on a week day and certainly not for lunch but since I had nothing else to eat, decided to join the queue. The signboard said Hongkong Soya Sauce Chicken. The only other soya sauce chicken that I like used to be the Upper Cross Street Soya Sauce chicken. Was this good? Should be, judging from the queue and the adverts

The delicious chickens hanging from the display window. The chickens are braised right at the stall not delivered from some factory in Woodlands or Bedok.

Everybody was ordering half a chicken to take home. Me, I ordered a plate of noodle and ask for roast pork to be thrown in as well. To my surprise, it only cost $3.50.

But cheap price not withstanding, how does it taste? Why not find out yourself? Me? I went back on one of my off day and bought half a chicken home.

The stall is on the 2nd floor of the Chinatown Food Centre. Just walk around and look for the soya sauce chicken stall with the long long queue. 

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  1. Ok, me check it out the next time I visit Chinatown...:D