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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Johore Bahru Bak Kut Teh in Singapore!

Was out running and came across this place that proudly proclaims it sells Johor Bahru Bak Kut Teh. So that got me all curious. Was it going to be as good as those in the real JB or a dud like the Johor Bahru Bao? So  to satisfy my curiosity, we went down one evening to try out the food. The place was packed but a look at the tables revealed that most people were eating the zhi-char items rather than the bak kut teh. In particular, every other table was having the curry fish head. 

 Like any typical Malaysian stall, there is a cooking counter where the various items for the bak kut teh is cooked. Very "china" right?

But we were there for the bak kut teh and so will leave the fish head for another day.

We ordered the pig stomach soup which came in the form of a very murky soup.

We also have the mixed soup which basically comprises some pork ball, intestines, liver, stomach and pork meat.

And of course the bak kut teh or pork ribs. There were 3 pieces and plenty of tau kee.
And so how was the meal?

Let just say I now know why more people are eating the zhi-char and fish head curry rather than the bak kut teh.


  1. Yo...tell us the place so that we avoid ordering the BKT leh :D

  2. Shionge, u not likely to find the place. It's in such an ulu location that even though I stayed quite near by, I didn't know about the place until I ran past one day. And when I said ulu, it really is ulu - likes some place in a village in Malaysia.