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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Todai Restaurant

This is a mouth watering post. Be warned!

This is an offshoot of the popular Japanese restaurant. I have been to this place twice. So far, I like the food although it is somewhat predictable. Service is acceptable. Price is a bit steep but it comes with free flow of oysters, Alaskan crab, all sort of sushi and sashimi, Korean food, Italian food and of course Japanese food. Enough of words, let the pictures speak for itself.

The sushi bar. A lot of stuff yet to be replenished.

A sampler of the sushi that are available. There were too many and I only picked those more interesting looking pieces.

 Everybody favourite was of course the cold section. Unfortunately, I am not an oyster eater so I went for the other stuff including the Alaskan crab claw. There was also a big snail I think they called it a Whelk.

Sashimi. Unfortunately only salmon and tuna were available. But they were very thick and fresh.

There was a Brazilian meat section which had beef, pork, sausage, chicken and even the pineapple and mushroom. Last I went, the beef was very salty but this time round it tasted fine.

There was also the local food section which had the popular curry crayfish and the other usual local stuff. Surprise they did not rotate the menu and it was exactly the same food both time I came. There was also a Korean section, an Italian section, the usual salad stuff, some dim sum and some fried stuff. But like me,  nobody seems to be interested in them.

Of course, the part I love best. The dessert.

Fruits and more pastries

 And my sampling - almost one of everything!

Was it worth the money? Frankly no since I don't eat a lot. But for those who loves oyster, crab and Japanese food, definitely value for money.

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