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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Resort World Sentosa

Call me mountain tortoise or what? Since the Resort World Sentosa opened 2 years ago, I have not been there for a real visit not less step into the casino. But recently I did landed there and was fairly impressed by the sights. 

A big courtyard that is "almost" air condition

Big spacious mall with high end luxury stores

A left over CNY decoration

Candy Tree?

Our very own Universal Studio Theme Park but I didn't went in though

A very interesting food court

But hor, this suppose to be Resort World Sentosa right? Which means resort right? So how come for all the signage, the word Casino is in full caps and bigger than all other other wordings?


  1. Yoo....didn't go to the casino meh???? :)

  2. Yah Shionge, todate I have not step into any of the 2 casinos here, or those on the cruise boats or even the one in Macau and Genting. I don't believe in throwing money away