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Friday, April 20, 2012

16th Storey Queensway

I used to stay in Margaret Close just a stone throw away from what was popularly known as 16th Storey. From my place, it was a short walk to there but first there was this distraction, a little garden.

This was the 1st Japanese Garden in Singapore. Way before the one in Jurong opened. Back then, it was supposed to be a shopping mall of sort. I have fond memories of the place. My brother and I, we bought our first expensive toy from there - a battery operated Matchbox Loop a Loop playset. Those days, we were so poor and the money came from our hard earned ang pow money but it was worth it. We spent many hours  playing with it. 

The other memories I have of this place apart from the countless hours spent there catching spiders and staring at the fish was that when I grew up, it was the place where I hung out the most with one of my ex. And nope its not M.

Today, the whole place is occupy by MacDonald. Sad but at least it is still around.

Across the road is the 16th Storey. To get there, we need to cross this overhead bridge. This is one of the first few overhead bridge in Singapore. Today, it is no longer there. Brought down by the construction of a vehicle underpass.

This is the sight most people will remember of 16th Storey or Commonwealth Crescent to be exact. Standing proudly on the hill, it was a sight to behold back in its hey day. Today it is still there. My most vivid memory of this place was of me and my brother trying to run down the slope. The end result? My brother couldn't stop and he fell and ended up with a big bump on his forehead!

This place was the scene of one of the most busy market in Singapore. For some reasons, Mum prefer to come to this market rather than the nearer Commonwealth Avenue market. I love the sights and sound of the place. Today, the market has been totally renovated and is no longer hot and dirty. The shophouses surrounding the market is still standing though. 

The renovated market

The 2 storey shophouses. There are only a few clusters of such buildings left - in nearby Tanglin Halt, Balestier, Toa Payoh and Boon Lay. I am sure pretty soon they will be gone too.

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  1. Ahhhhh...childhood memories :) My Aunt stayed in the block behind Jap. Garden and every Sat, I walked from my house Tanglin Halt, cut across 16th Storey, walked the overhead bridge and stayed over at her place. Sunday evening, after dinner my Uncle would send me home on his motorbike :D

    I missed this place.....Block 6C is gone too..... *sigh* so sad.