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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Clear my Own Tray?

Was at the Toast@work outlet at United Square. Bought some stuff and took it over to the atrium where my contractor were doing some setting up work for a road show the next day. After finishing the drinks and bread, took them back to the counter.

To my surprise, the staff told me in Chinese not to put it there and to bring them to the dining area. I told her I already brought them over from the atrium so why should I now put them on the dining table? The staff just repeated not to put the used cups and plates there and when I refused to bring it somewhere else, she told me to take them back to where I took them from! So pissed off, I did that and I hope the other contractors doing the other work there will break them!

Clear my own trays and people expect me to clear it all the way? Might just as well ask me to wash them!

Wanted to complain but a check on the Food Junction's website (the holding company for Toast@work) - no email! What sort of company is that where there is no feedback, no email contact? Obviously a company with plenty of skeletons to hide.  

I eat lunch frequently at Maxwell Food Centre. Sometimes the table is full of uncleared stuff and so to have a cleaner eating environment, I will bring the dirty plates to the nearest cleaning trolley. And there is this particular cleaning lady who will rant at me for doing this! Seems like each cleaner covers certain area and if I pass plates from the area not supposed to be covered by her, she will scold and scold. 

Clear my own trays and get scolding? No thanks. So now if I need to clear a space for myself to eat at Maxwell, I just move everything to the floor.

At another food centre, the cleaners are so efficient. Even before I sit down, they are there asking for the tray. Normally for my lunch, I eat porridge. This will normally be 2 bowls of porridge and another 3 dishes of food. So how am I suppose to return all these dirty bowls and plates if there is no tray? Carry them one by one? 

And has anybody look at the state of the food return areas in most food court and hawker centre? They are so small that each can barely fit 5 trays and if the cleaners don't clear the area fast enough, the dirty trays and  dishes simply pile up like those at the Marine Parade Food Centre and even Changi Airport Terminal 3 Food Court!

Clear my own tray? How?

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