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Friday, April 27, 2012

Makan Bali - Malioboro

Before I went over to Bali, I checked the trusted Lonely Planet guidebook and the number 1 recommended food to try is Babi Guling. So naturally the first thing we did when we reached there was to ask our driver cum guide to bring us there. But of course, he didn't and instead brought us to this place.

This seems like a  tourist trap. The place was crowded wist th Chinese speaking people very obviously from Malaysia, Singapore and a splattering from China. No local! 

Anyway, we ordered the house speciality, the "soft boned" chicken or Ayam Presto Teluk. This is supposed to be so pressured cooked until it is so tender and soft that even the bones can be eaten. 

We also ordered a rather weird looking dish which looks like some sort of toufu and jelly but is actually known as tempeh or fermented soy.

We also goodnu goodnu ordered the kangkong with sambal chilli and which we discovered later is almost like what kimchi is to Korean. It is an almost must have at every meal!

And finally, I had my first of countless Avocado juice.The avocado juice here is blended differently from those back in Singapore. A whole lot of gula melaka is added to it to sweeten it and forming beautiful pattern in the process.

Was the food good? Did the driver cum guide took us for a ride?

No, the chicken was great. With a layer of egg on top and it being so so tender, I could really have eaten the bone except that there was always this fear of getting chicken bone stuck in my throat which stopped us from devouring the whole chicken.

And for those who loves spicy food, M rated the sambal kangkong as first class. The kangkong was just blanched and not overly cooked like our local version and there is a nice crunchiness to it although I must admit the sambal was a tad too spicy for it.

Our first meal and really one of the most satisfying of the whole trip.

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