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Friday, April 6, 2012

WaWaWa Bistro By The Bedok Reservoir

Earth Hour. So we went out for a candle light dinner at this bistro at Bedok Reservoir. The place has opened for some time and we haven't found the occasion to try out the food until now. 

First impression- we like the ambience. It was mainly blue lighting just perfect for some romantic time together. Unfortunately, the experience was spoilt by the Gold 90.5 FM radio music blasting too loudly. It wouldn't have been too bad if the sound system was okay but the FM reception was bad and there were a lot of static which jars the ear too much. Hopefully they will fix that soon.

The restaurant was divided into an indoor and outdoor area. We sat outside. It was rather breezy that night and very cooling. Thankfully, the famous midge of Bedok Reservoir did not make an appearance. Or maybe it was too dark for us to notice?

The prices wasn't that cheap so we just ordered drinks and the main course. The fruit "juice" was more like those from drink carton and not freshly squeezed juice and cost $6.00 each. But that was still  cheap compared to paying $2.00 for a bottle of water. They don't serve free water here. So we ended up with 2 "juice".

For the meal, I had the Prawn and Mushroom Aglio Olio. Portion was rather small considering that it cost $18.90. But taste wise, it wasn't too bad and I enjoyed it.

M had one of their specialties the Cajun Chicken which came with a big juicy tomato and whipped potato. Again the portion wasn't too big. But it more than made up for the quantity by its quality. I of course managed to sneak in a few bites and I think the whipped potato got whipped pretty well:( and the Cajun chicken was done to perfection. 

There was a facebook promotion and we had to like the place on FB to get a free scoop of ice cream, which we did. So that kinda make up for the rather pricey food. 

Recommended for those who wants a nice romantic night out, dinner by the water. This is about the closest one can get without having salt and sand flying into your face and food. Not recommended for runners who just want a drink after their run. Cheaper to get it from the vending machine.

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  1. Hey not bad ya...a romantic night out and I think it is important for couple time :D