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Monday, May 14, 2012

Beautiful Bali - Kuta Beach

On the 3rd day after the race, we moved from Sanur to Kuta and finally got a chance to walk the world renowed Kuta beach. But our first impression was marred by the rubbish and trash all over the sands. And the locals were lying among all the filth like it didn't exist. And there were a lot - the local and the trash.

But walking further down the beach, he beach fronting the many hotels had been cordoned off and was impeccably clean. I wondered how Singaporean would make of this if part of our East Coast Park is cordoned off for tourists?

Then the sun set and it was spectacular. No wonder all the hotels had build gazebos, pavilions, dining area to face the sea to take advantage of the view. We ate in one of these place on our last night there and it was indeed very beautiful and romantic.


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