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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bishan Park

Have not been to Bishan Park for quite some time and was eager to go down especially after hearing all the nice things about the park after the makeover.

Now there are stylist signs at both park

A "river" runs through the park. Previously this was a storm canal. Now it has been "landscaped" and is really beautiful winding through both parks.

Even the small drains have been transformed!

The culvert that is now camouflage

The small drain is now a steam

The old canal going underneath Marymount Road before it transorm back to the beautiful swan

The theme for Bishan Park is water and there are water water everywhere. A close up of the main stream

A reef pond

A pond

Another pond or is it the same one as above?

Bridge over the pond

Unlike most other park, the public are welcome to play in the stream and catch longkang fish

A park user enjoying a snooze on one of the unique park bench

The dog run has been relocated to a new location within the park are there are pooches everywhere

The spa is still around

All in, Bishan Park is a beautiful place. Too crowded though especially in the late afternoon and early evening what with all the children and dogs running around and the cyclists and runners everywhere. But still worth a visit.

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