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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kong Kee Seafood Restaurant

We went looking for a place to eat Malaysia style hokkien mee and found this place.
It looks like we were in the wrong place though. Signs everywhere was promoting their deep sea giant grouper. Of course we didn't dare order that. Our pocket may not be that deep. But we cheapskeate, die die must try so we ordered the fried grouper skin. The skin comes deep fried like keropok. There is a whole lot of oats, I think, on top. Not too bad.

The waitress recommended the black chicken soup. It was served in a claypot but the waitress served up the soup in individual portion. The chicken meat and the herbs were placed separately on a plate. I believe this is the first time the kids have black chicken soup. The black chicken meat didn't look too appetizing although they were actually quite tender but the soup was good. Not too herbal and yet strong enough.

We opted for a white pepper frog leg since we had never had frog leg in this version before. We were disappointed. It was not spicy enough and not flavour full enough unlike the usual diced chilli frog leg.

And of course, we had the hokkien mee. The noodles look more like the udon style type but it was okay no complain.

Overall, the food was a tad disappointing. Maybe we went to the wrong place for the wrong type of food since their specialty was grouper and we didn't really order that. Also, it was a bit too high class for Malaysian food and the prices reflect that.

So we shall continue to hunt for a better cheaper version of Malaysia Hokkien Mee in Singapore. Any recommendations?

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